We want you to enjoy your time at Camp Street Climbing. To make sure everyone stays safe and can have a good time we have some rules:

  1. Everyone who climbs at Camp Street Bouldering needs to have signed a waiver, read the rules and checked in at the front desk.
  2. Accept responsibility for your actions and safety, no one is forcing you to participate.
  3. Bouldering is dynamic; when in the climbing area be aware of other boulderers around and above you and never climb above or below another climber. Keep clear of potential collisions. You must be aware of the possible trajectory of another climber’s fall, particularly with overhanging walls.
  4. Never stand, sit, lie down, walk or run in an area where another climber could fall. Avoid loitering under the walls on the mats; keep to the clear areas when not climbing.
  5. Give boulder’s who are mid-send right of way.
  6. Protect your body. Use spotters and don’t land stiffly. Absorb the impact of all falls by bending your knees. If anything hurts, stop training.
  7. If you have pre-existing medical conditions seek expert advice before climbing.
  8. Don’t expect to be able to down climb; if you are not comfortable with falling from the top, don’t climb to the top.
  9. Do not climb onto or sit on top of the bouldering wall, or onto support structures or parts of the building.
  10. Children are warmly welcome at Camp Street Climbing. However, we are a sports facility and not a playground. Children under the age of 12 always need to be accompanied and supervised directly and permanently by an adult, even in the children’s area. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 are allowed to climb independently at CSC on completion of a CSC Boulder Licence and restricted to staffed hours.  Without a CSC Boulder Licence they will need to be under the supervision of an adult.
  11. Please refrain from wearing wrist, finger or neck jewellery. Check your pockets for objects that could fall on someone or hurt you if you fall on them.
  12. Please brush holds regularly and avoid using tick marks. Clean up chalk spills promptly. No chalk bags on the mats.
  13. Clean up your own rubbish and others if you see it.
  14. No alcohol or drugs allowed. Intoxicated persons will be asked to leave the facility.
  15. No smoking on CSC property.
  16. Report any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers’ behaviour to a member of staff immediately. If unstaffed at the time, make a note in the incident book and if it’s urgent contact duty staff on 0490471262
  17. When bouldering during unstaffed hours be aware that if you are by yourself and have an accident you may have difficulty accessing help. Think about whether you are comfortable bouldering by yourself, think about what you will do if you have an accident (do you have a phone with you? does someone know where you are?).
  18. Noise– we have neighbours and don’t want to disturb them. Please leave the facility quietly with respect.

Management reserves the right to eject any person for not observing these rules, or for any other reason at their discretion.


You can download a copy of our waiver here.